366 Days Of Beer, Update January

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31 Jan 2012 by mikey

Through the year I made a few extra comments on the beers. Here’s the ones from January.

Day 5. A limited release from Bridge Road. A Pilsner that had a nut flavour! It’s a good one.

Day 6 was a very limited Double Hightail from Mountain Goat at the brewery. Good, but can’t drink all night.

Day 7 was a Pepperjack. Owned by one of the “Big 2”, but made in small batches. Which is probably why it tastes so good.

Day 8 was the Dark Ale from White Rabbit. Still get confused when I order this at a bar, and still get a pleasant surprise when I start drinking it.

Day 9. Queenscliff Ale. Was expecting more flavour, but the stake I was eating with it blew it away.

Day 10. Look out it’s a Whale!
Flying Horse for the rest of the week. Today, the Whale Ale.

Day 11 is day 2 from Flying Horse is a Lager. Not bad, not great, just meh.

Day 13 was Wollaston Wheaty, Day 14 The Savage Seagull.
Wheaty = meh
Segall = mmmm

Day 15 was a special limited brew from Red Hill.

Day 16 is a Mildura Lager. A lager that has good flavour.

Day 17. Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale. Fruity and good.

Day 19 is Bridge Road Celtic. There’s a reason Suze likes this one. It’s good. Real good.

Day 20 was a special from Mountain Goat. Tasted like banana!!

Day 21 kicks off a run on Red Duck. First up a good strong IPA.

Day 22. Red Duck – Pale Rider. Okay bitter beer.

Day 23. 2 Borthers – Taxi. A pils you can enjoy.

Day 24. Red Duck – Overland. Great on a hot day.

Day 25. Mountain Goat – Skipping Girl Summer Ale (cucumber and mint). Odd, but refreshing.

Day 26. Bridge Road – Australian Ale. Something to drink for a few hours.

Day 27. Red Duck – Hoppy Amber. For those who want a very hoppy amber beer.

Day 28. Red Duck – Pale Ale. Run of the mill pale without the fruit.

Day 29. Red Duck – Burton. Great bitter beer.

Day 30. Bridge Road – Galaxy. Sour IPA.

Day 31. Red Duck – Porter. Just what you want in a porter.


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