366 Days Of Beer, Update February

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29 Feb 2012 by mikey

January is over. Welcome February! And what a way to kick off the month with what’s probably my favourite beer, Red Duck Goldern Dragon (Day 32).

Day 33. Red Duck – Amber Ale. Can probably sit in a dark pub somewhere and drink this for a few hours.

Day 34. Temple Brewery – Saison. Not great but slight spice.

Day 35. Red Duck – The Ox. Big, bold and full of alcohol….

Day 36 . Red Duck – Belgian Vanilla Porter. Not really what I expected. Vanilla was very subtle.

Day 37. Forrest – Silvertop. Pretty good on a hot day. Goes down better when chilled.

Day 38. Forrest – Pale Ale. Standard Pale Ale. Nothing special, nothing bad.

Day 39. Bridge Road – India Saison. Limited release AND a saison I like. Win.

Day 40. Forest – Stout. Better than I remember. Don’t serve this one to cold. Needs to warm a bit to get the hidden flavour.

Day 41. Forest – Irish Red, tasty but basic.

Day 42. Williams – Pale Ale, not good.

Day 43. Red Hill – Scotch Ale, mmm this is good.

Day 44. Matilda Bay – Dogbolter, good beer but over hyped.

Day 45. Red Hill – Temptation, dry and hides the (8%) alcohol.

Day 46. Red Hill – Wheat Beer, hoppy style wheat beer.

Day 47. Red Hill – Golden Ale, easy to drink but not great.

Day 48. Mountain Goat – Rare Breed India Pale Ale, really good IPA.

Day 49. Mountain Goat – Rare Breed Rye IPA, really hoppy IPA and good malts.

Day 50. Mountain Goat – Hightail Ale. Original MG and for a very good reason.

Day 51. Thunder Road – Brunswick Bitter. An easy to drink lager, but nothing more.

Day 52. Mountain Goat – Steam Ale. An ale that’s almost like a lager only better.

Day 53. Feral – Hop Hog IPA. One amazing IPA. Bloody good.

Day 54. Mad Brewers – Hoppy Hefe. Another big hop beer plus it’s a strong one at 7%.

Day 55. Feral – Golden Ace. Still struggling to describe this one. Go and try it.

Day 56. Prickly Moses – Farmhouse Ale. Good complex beer, maybe too much yeast.

Day 57. New Norcia – Abbey Ale. I quite liked this for what it was, a strong-ish ale.

Day 58. Prickly Moses – Otway Pilsner. Good but nothing special.

Day 59. True South – Clock Tower IPA. A LOT of hops in this. Very bitter, very good.

Day 60. Prickly Moses – Otway Ale. A malt style session beer.


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