366 Days Of Beer, Update April

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30 Apr 2012 by mikey

Day 92. 3 Ravens – Rye Roggen Bier. Really good Rye beer. Not a lot of this style, there really should be.

Day 93. Doctors Orders – Iron Lung. Another dark smoky beer. There’s a lot of these around and you need to do better than this to stand out.

Day 94. Mildura – Night Porter. A great porter. Smooth, hints of chocolate, not too heavy.

Day 95. Moo Brew – Dark Ale. Was expecting a lot more from this. Good, but not great.

Day 96. Mildura – Choc Hops. The biggest Chocolate flavour going around. Nothing much else here.

Day 97. Hargreaves Hill – Extra Special Bitter. Possibly the best bitter in Australia.

Day 98. Red Duck – K2. Mid strength, mid flavour.

Day 99. Hargreaves Hill – Pale Ale. Simple pale ale, nothing special.

Day 100. Hargreaves Hill – Stout. Lots of different flavours. Good well rounded beer.

Day 101. Murray’s – Whale Ale. Creamy wheat beer that I like. That says a lot.

Day 102. Mountain Goat – Imperial Pilsner with Star Anise & oranges. Another strange ‘randy’ beer. This one works quite well. Grows on you, a LOT.

Day 103. Holgate – Temptress. Classic dark beer. One of the best session dark beers, after it warms a little.

Day 104. Mash – Farm House Ale. Slight apricots, but lots of sourness. Little creamy.

Day 105. Hargreaves Hill – Hefeweizen. Another ‘meh’ wheat beer.

Day 106. Red Duck – White Garden. A wheat beer that’s covered in berry flavours? Good if you want it. Thumbs up from me.

Day 107. 3 Ravens – Black Stout. A slightly lighter stout beer. Once it warms a little there’s a fair amount of flavour to enjoy. One of the easiest stouts to drink, ever.

Day 108. 3 Ravens – English Ale. Very simply this is a fantastic balanced beer. Get some, drink and enjoy.

Day 109. Mountain Goat – Kristalweizen. A bit too much yeast flavour for my liking.

Day 110. 3 Ravens – Dark Smoke Beer. Not a lot of smoke and very smooth = quite nice.

Day 111. Murray’s – Punch & Judy. Best mid strength beer all year, possibly ever.

Day 112. 3 Ravens – White Witbier. Nothing special here.

Day 113. 3 Ravens – 55 American Pale Ale. Good balance makes this a nice session beer.

Day 114. Grand Ridge – Whoa!. Lots of oat flavour and a little sweetness. Not my thing.

Day 115. Saint Kilda Brew – Blonde. Bad, just bad.

Day 116. 3 Ravens – Golden Altbier. Good flavour and well balanced. Could drink this all night.

Day 117. Hahn – Harvest. First of the major label beers. Is a limited release. Okay, very sweet ale. A lot better versions of this style are around.

Day 118. Matilda Bay – Red Rum. Red ale quite enjoyable.

Day 119. Red Hill – Hop Harvest Ale. Very simply, this is a fantastic beer.

Day 120. Mountain Goat – Gypsy & The Goat (Black Pepperberry IPA). Dark IPA with smoke and a bit of pepper flavour.

Day 121. McLaren Vale – Dark. Sweet brown lager. Very similar to the Hahn (above) but slightly better.


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