366 Days Of Beer, Update May

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31 May 2012 by mikey

Day 122. Stone & Wood – Jasper Ale. Brown bitter sort of like English style. Not strong flavours and very bitter.

Day 123. Hargreaves Hill – C-4 Indian Pale Ale. Big wet hop flavour to this. A very good beer with apricot/peach flavours.

Day 124. Williams – Premium Lager. A simple lager. Nothing great, nothing too bad.

Day 125. Holgate – Mt. Macedon Ale. Light flavoured and soft style ale.

Day 126. Little Creatures – The Quiet American. Abbey style with lots of flavour. Bitterness with amber/caramel sweetness.

Day 127. Bridge Road Brewers – The Harvest. Fresh hop pale ale. Really good but very bitter.

Day 128. Murray’s – Icon 2IPA. Possibly the most changing beer I have ever had. First taste, absolutely fantastic. By half way, not sure I can finish. Lots of flavour and even more bitterness.

Day 129. Boston’s Mill – Pale Ale. Basic beer. Good for a session.

Day 130. Grand Ridge – Draught Bitter. Slight fruit flavour, actually okay.

Day 131. Grand Ridge – Moonshine (Dark Scotch Ale). Chocolate flavour with an alcohol burn.

Day 132. Holgate – Brick Kiln. A wheat beer that’s okay for winter. But it’s still a wheat beer.

Day 133. McLaren Vale – Ale. Simple beer, but easy to drink.

Day 134. Little Brewing – Wicked Elf Porter. Personal favourite from the Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular 2012. A great porter that you have to try.

Day 135. Moon Dog – Kaiser Saute. Fruity, but has slight caramel and smoky flavour. Sweeter than expected, and a hint of smoky. Impressed, but can’t have more than a pot.

Day 136. McLaren Vale – Dry. Very simple lager. Easy to drink.

Day 137. 4 Hearts – IPA. A nice IPA that isn’t as bitter as a few others going around. I like it.

Day 138. Black Heart – Dunkelweizen. Dark wheat beer. Lots of flavours here.

Day 139. Boag’s – XXX Ale. There’s a reason they don’t sell this on the mainland, it’s nothing special.

Day 140. Moon Dog – Billy Ray Citrus. Wheat beer with strong citrus flavour.

Day 141. Mountain Goat – (Rare Bread) Surefoot Stout. Great smooth stout. Sweet and slight coffee flavour.

Day 142. True South – Saison du Victorien. A raspberry saison. The bit of sweet balances the sour.

Day 143. Mood Dog – Macguava. Wheat beer with guava. One of the better fruit wheat beers I’ve had.

Day 144. Red Hill – Weizenbock. A darker beer with lots of malt and syrup like sweetness.

Day 145. Doctor’s Orders – Plasma (White IPA). Sour and bitter. Just what you would expect in a white IPA.

Day 146. Black Heart – Belgian Blond Ale. Light with slight apricot sweetness. A bit yeasty.

Day 147. Arctic Fox – Ice Cap Lager. Good lager in just about every way.

Day 148. Cavalier – Imperial Stout. Smoky stout and strong alcohol.

Day 149. Bright – Fainters Dubbel. Berry flavour makes this a good one.

Day 150. Moo Brew – Pilsner. Really good for a pils. Well balanced.

Day 151. 2 Brother’s – Kung Foo Rice Lager. Really good different take on lager. Go and have one.

Day 152. Kooinda – Belgian Witbier. Okay, nothing too special for a wheat beer.


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