366 Days Of Beer, Update June

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30 Jun 2012 by mikey

Day 153. Knappstine – Reserve Lager. Not good. Better than the mainstream, but not by much.

Day 154. Two Birds – Sunset Red Ale. Good, well balance beer. Sweetness and malt flavour to match.

Day 155. James Squire – Nine Tales (Amber Ale). Sweet, not great balanced and not enough body.

Day 156. Kooinda – American Pale Ale. Hoppy pale ale, just what you expect.

Day 157. 4 Pines – Roggenbier. Strange malt/rye flavour. Okay sort of dark beer.

Day 158. Mountain Goat / Moon Dog / Matilda Bay – Abbey Collabey Imperial Stout. A really well balanced with lots of good flavours.

Day 159. Cavalier – Brown. Nice good beer but slightly simple.

Day 160. Mountain Goat – Surefoot Stout with Seven Seed Coffee Beans. Exactly what I was expecting. Good stout with good coffee, great.

Day 161. 4 Pines – Kolsch. Light and crisp. Good taste for a session beer.

Day 162. Burleigh Brewery – 28 Pale Ale. Old style pale ale, and fantastic smooth beer.

Day 163. 4 Pines – Stout. Lots of flavour, a little overwhelming.

Day 164. Bridge Road & Mekkeller – Dark Harvest. Dark chocolate and smoky, with big wet hops.

Day 165. Mountain Goat – Skipping Girl Summer Ale. Light and slight fruit taste.

Day 166. Red Hill – Diamond Jubilee British IPA. English ale, just the way it’s meant to be.

Day 167. 2 Brothers – Growler. Good malt flavour, but not very complex.

Day 168. Burleigh Bitter – My Wife’s Bitter. Really good bitter.

Day 169. Mornington – Imperial Amber. Crazy amber ale. Lots going on here.

Day 170. Moon Dog – Henry Ford’s Girthsome Fjord. A beer with everything. Too much going on.

Day 171. True South – Pale Ale. An American style pale ale that’s done well.

Day 172. 4 Pines – Beetroot Belgian Ale. Strange, not my thing.

Day 173. Seven Sheds – Black Elephant. Very dark beer. Good to warm you up.

Day 174. Mash Brewery – Koffee Stout. Needs to warm a bit, then lots of coffee. Not much else.

Day 175. Hawthorn – Amber Ale. Simple ale.

Day 176. Mash Brewery – Pale Ale. If this was just a little less sweet it would be fantastic.

Day 177. Mash Brewery – Rye The Hop Not?. A malt driven rye ESB. Quite good.

Day 178. Cavalier – Pale. Nothing that blows you away, but a good beer.

Day 179. William Bull – Red Angus Pilsner. Not great.

Day 180. Red Hill – Imperial Stout. Not what I like in a stout.

Day 181. Southern Bay – Draught. Very simple beer, but better than the worst.

Day 182. Temple – Saison de Miel. High quality saison.


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