366 Days Of Beer, Update August

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31 Aug 2012 by mikey

Day 214. Mountain Goat – Surefoot Stout with Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Malt, Chilli, and Vanilla Beans. A big range of flavours that work exceptionally well together.

Day 215. Prickly Moses – Black Panther IBA. Smoky and bitter big malt is king here.

Day 216. O’Brien – Premium Lager. A bad beer.

Day 217. Moo Brew – Pale Ale. Smooth and easy to drink, but not great.

Day 218. Moo Brew – Belgo. Sour Belgian style. I didn’t enjoy it.

Day 219. O’Brien – Pale Ale. Another bad beer from these guys. Avoid.

Day 220. Wicked Elf – Witbier. A spice type of wheat beer that I enjoy.

Day 221. 2 Brothers Brewery & Feral Brewing – Collaborator AIBA 20th Anniversary Brew. Lots of taste but not a nice end.

Day 222. Bridge Road Brewers – Bling IPA. More malt than a regular IPA makes this a great beer.

Day 223. Mountain Goat – The Naz Mocha Porter. Real choc flavour here but missing something.

Day 224. Holgate – Road Trip IPA. Lots of fruit and very refreshing beer.

Day 225. Bright Brewery – Resistance Red Ale. Really impressed with this. Big malt flavour, big body and slight bitterness.

Day 226. Cavalier / 2 Birds – The Cavalier Bird. Well balanced Belgian IPA with a bit of sourness.

Day 227. Murray’s – Best Extra Porter. Slightly smoky and a bit of banana flavour.

Day 228. Holgate – Double Trouble Abby Ale. Big dried fruit richness. Really liked this one.

Day 229. Bright Brewery – Harvest 150 Ale. Big celebration ale with lots of good hops.

Day 230. Redoak – Organic Pale Ale. Good for an organic with fruit flavour. But not great.

Day 231. James Squires – Craic Irish Stout. Nice enough flavour that’s balanced well. Missing body to it which lets it down a lot.

Day 232. Bridge Road – Chevalier Biere De Garde. Simply a great beer. Malt driven but still plenty of good hops.

Day 233. Holgate – Gruit Expectations. Very refreshing, quite fruity, and smooth.

Day 234. Murray’s – Angry Man Pale Ale. Spice to this is nice, but not that great overall.

Day 235. Mornington – Pale. Straw flavour and soft. Goes down easy.

Day 236. HopDog Beer Works – Horn Up Rye IPA. Lots of bitterness and hops here. Not much else.

Day 237. Murray’s – Dark Knight. Slight smoke with the malt. Really good, nothing complex.

Day 238. Bootleg Brewery – Black IPA. Too much going on here. Bitterness makes it more like grapefruit juice than beer.

Day 239. Bright Brewery – Pinky Framboise. Lots of berries and some sourness.

Day 240. Barossa Valley Brewing – Bee Sting Honey Wheat Beer. Sweet but bad finish.

Day 241. Bootleg Brewery – Raging Bull. Really good and very different style. Sort of choc/coffee with hints of banana.

Day 242. Brewboys – GT Lager. Not a great lager.

Day 243. Brewboys – GTS. One bad ‘ale’.

Day 244. Southern Bay – Coffee Head (Coffee infused Metalhead Robust Porter). A great coffee infused porter. Simply great beer.


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