366 Days Of Beer, Update September

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30 Sep 2012 by mikey

Day 245. Mornington – Brown. Good brown ale. Nothing special but really easy to drink.

Day 246. Mornington – Porter. Quite a good slight choc style porter.

Day 247. Barossa Valley Brewing – Organic Ale. Not crap for an organic, but still not great.

Day 248. The Mash Collective – Amasia Rumweizen. All over the shop and a bit rough.

Day 249. Southern Bay Brewery – Bourbon Vanilla infused Metalhead Robust Porter. This was simply a great porter with a great addition.

Day 250. 3 Ravens – Prussian Porter. Barrel aged and fantastic smoky flavours.

Day 251. Moon Dog – Mr Mistoffelees. Bad smell, bad taste, bad beer.

Day 252. Bridge Road Brewers – Chevalier Saison. A lighter style sasion that’s quite alright.

Day 253. True South – Spring Lager. Very hoppy and bitter for a lager.

Day 254. Hargreaves Hill / Nøgne Ø / Moylan’s – Our Dark Secret. Lots of good flavours here, dark malt, lasting bitterness and a bit of smoke.

Day 255. Bridge Road Brewers – B2 Bomber Mach 2.0. Fantastic dark beer with good hops to balance.

Day 256. Mood Dog – Skunkworks. Strange ale that’s kind of nice. A bit too much alcohol taste to it.

Day 257. Moon Dog / Beer Here – Freaks and Geeks. A farmhouse ale that’s a bit darker than you would expect. Fruit and slight choc taste is nice.

Day 258. Prickly Moses – The Raconteur IPA. Plenty of hops and lots of good flavour.

Day 259. 3 Ravens – Errol Flynn Best Bitter. Great English bitter. Really liked this one.

Day 260. Murray’s – Shawn’s Fault India Black Ale. Good body with slight choc and smoothness.

Day 261. James Squire – Hop Thief. Okay, but not much hops.

Day 262. Bridge Road Brewers / Josie Bones – Revolution. Bit of a mix bag pils with more good than bad.

Day 263. 2 Brothers – The Chief. A soft red ale that’s easy to knock back and enjoy.

Day 264. Southern Bay – Southern Ocean Ale. Okay sort of pale ale. Not great.

Day 265. Southern Bay – Sunrise Breakfast Beer. Enjoyable smooth ale with some real nice flavour.

Day 266. Temple – Bicycle Beer. Light but not refreshing. Not what I expected or wanted.

Day 267. Southern Bay – Requiem Uber Pale Pilsner. One of the nicest lagers I had all year.

Day 268. Bridge Road Brewers / Beer DeLuxe – Red Star. A bit too much sour for me and a bit of banana.

Day 269. Doctor’s Orders – Prescription 12. Bit of smoke in this dark IPA which goes well with the malt.

Day 270. Mountain Goat – Fancy Pants. A fresh amber ale with plenty of hops. Great for a warm/hot day.

Day 271. Mildura Brewery – Sun Light. A lot of flavour for this mid strength. Impressed with it.

Day 272. Temple – Oatmeal Stout. Not very heavy for a stout and lacks a bit of body.

Day 273. Burleigh Brewery – Black Giraffe Black Coffee Lager. Great coffee flavour and very dark.

Day 274. Cascade – First Harvest. Okay but you can find a lot better for a lot less money.


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