Hop Bach Symphony #1 – Double IPA

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8 Oct 2012 by mikey


Day 282
Red Duck / Kissmeyer Beers
Hop Bach Symphony #1 – Double IPA

Red Duck / Kissmeyer Beers, 9.8%.

Big double IPA with lots of hops. Not crazy bitter like some IBU-chasing-IPA’s, and that’s a good thing. Bitterness is there and there’s plenty of it, but there’s also a lot more. There’s the floral and light fruit flavours, a bit of freshness, and there’s even a bit of malt body with the higher than average alcohol content. I like this one a lot, so I’m lucky it’s in such a big bottle. PS, top is wax sealed on a stopper, so a bit of effort required to open this one.

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