Singapore Craft Beer Week 2012 – Summary

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22 Oct 2012 by mikey

What a great time it was in Singapore. When we flew into Singapore in October 2012 we had no idea it was going to be Singapore Craft Beer Week 2012. What a nice surprise.

We didn’t have a lot planed for the visit. So we were able to dedicate almost a day to beer!

First beer adventure was to the Tiger Brewery (Asia Pacific Breweries). Didn’t get to see a huge amount of the actual brewery as it’s all automated and they keep it under wraps. Was able to pour a glass of Tiger Beer, and fresh Tiger is really good. Then we did get to drink a few beers in their bar afterwards. That was a lot of fun.

Did a few other things then later in the day went to LeVeL 33. It’s a micro brewery and restaurant in a high rise building. What a great idea. Didn’t try the food, and everything is super expensive. The views from this place are spectacular, the beers were not. Okay and not bad, but not great. Most were too sweet.

Next was Archipelago brewery (web site very Flash heavy). These beers were enjoyable cold. They didn’t vary a huge amount, even though they were meant to be different styles. To be fair they are brewing for the conditions, and it is quite hot all the time. So, beers that are good cold are the way to go. Lots of lighter beers.

Brewerkz tap list

22 Oct 2012
Brewerkz tap list

To finish up for the night we went to Brewerkz on the water front. What a great set up they have here. As the Craft Beer Week was on they had a special set up to try all the beers! So we did that with the sample size glasses. Lots of fun. I’ve included a photo of the menu just here on the left. You might notice that the Tropical Wheat isn’t reviewed, they ran out.

The day was a fair amount of fun. And so was the whole trip to Singapore. Would be great to hear if they do another Craft Beer Week. It looks like one didn’t happen in 2013.

Anyway, there’s some good craft beers over there if you’re willing to hunt them down. If you are in Singapore go check them out. At a minimum go to Brewerkz.


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