VB and Victoria Bitter

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6 Nov 2012 by mikey

VB and Victoria Bitter

6 Nov 2012
VB and Victoria Bitter

The ‘old’ and ‘new’ VB / Victoria Bitter comparison.

CUB, VB, 4.6%

CUB, Victoria Bitter, 4.9%

VB – This is an average lager. No real taste, except the bad chemical end. Good while it’s cold as it hides some of the roughness. Nearly no body, not much hops, no malt flavour. Only plus it that it’s clean and easy enough to drink (as long as it stays cold).

Victoria Bitter – The new version actually has less flavour up front. Original this might be a bad thing, but they’ve obviously made a few changes to the brewing process as it has also lost some of that bad chemical end. But, not much. Other than that it’s the same beer with not much going for it. Just make sure you keep it next to zero degrees.

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