366 Days Of Beer, Update November

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30 Nov 2012 by mikey

Day 306. Feral – Karma Citra India Black Ale. Quite bitter for the style and lacks a bit of body.

Day 307. Mountain Goat – Rare Breed: Before The Dawn Black IPA. More smoke than bitterness with hints of sweetness makes this a very good beer.

Day 308. Mountain Goat – Cross Breed: Seedy Goat Coffee IPA. Lots of bitterness here, as expected, and coffee flavour is subtle.

Day 309. Murray’s – Heart Of Darkness Belgio Imperial Stout. Big dark creamy malt beer with a kick of alcohol.

Day 310. Prickly Moses / Holgate / 3 Ravens – Fed X. Dry IPA with not a huge bittterness. Flavours are not well balanced.

Day 311. Burleigh Brewing – FIGJAM IPA. Very fruity for an IPA. Easy to drink.

Day 312. Murray’s – Wild Thing Imperial Stout. Lots of dark chocolate and sweet malt with plenty of bitterness.

Day 313. Thunder Road – Spring Vienna Excelsior. Grassy hop start is good, but finished with an odd flavour.

Day 314. Temple – Scarlet Sour. More like a fruit wheat that’s been made as a sour. Not great.

Day 315. Murray’s – Seasons in the Abyss. Extremely dark and dry. Hard to drink.

Day 316. Hawthorn – Pilsner. Very clean with slight sweetness.

Day 317. Feral – Raging Flem Belgian IPA. Very hoppy and bitter. Dry after taste.

Day 318. Feral – Watermelon Warhead. Very sour and a lot of flavour for a light beer.

Day 319. Feral – White Hog Belgian White IPA. Tart and bitter but well balanced.

Day 320. Feral – Razorback. Malt a rich fruit driven barley wine. Alcohol burns though to much.

Day 321. Feral – Rust. Mix of malt, yeast and spice flavours that I don’t like.

Day 322. Temple – Pale Ale. Strong fruit flavours and bitterness but not well balanced.

Day 323. Bright Brewery – Stubborn Russian 2012. Big dark rich malt and very smooth. Really like this.

Day 324. Brewboys – Ace of Spades. Good and non-complex stout style.

Day 325. Moon Dog – Wet Nurse Tonic Milk Stout. Creamy and good flavour, but to sweet.

Day 326. Young Henry’s / Doctors Orders – Young Doctor Henrys Night Nurse. Like a double IPA with huge bitterness.

Day 327. Prickly Moses – Blueberry Hefeweizen. A wheat beer with blueberries. If you like blueberries you’ll like this.

Day 328. Moon Dog – Perverse Sexual Amalgam Black Wild Ale with Cherry Plums. Sour flavour overpowers the malt and plum flavours. Not good.

Day 329. Temple – Soba Ale. Bitter and tart like a grapefruit. Not for me.

Day 330. Young Henry’s / Two Birds – Otaku. Strong apricot and nectarine taste works well. Like this a lot.

Day 331. Brewboys – Seeing Double. Plenty of malt with bit of smoke and sweetness. Works very well.

Day 332. HopDog BeerWorks – Super Beast 1st Anniversary Wheatwine 2012. To much alcohol flavour interupts the nice grain and fuirt flavour.

Day 333. HopDog BeerWorks – Children of Darkness India Black Ale. Dry bitter hops and rich malt. Bit of coffee flavour makes this a good one.

Day 334. Southern Bay – Hop Bazooka. Great hop driven IPA that’s not to bitter. Works very well.

Day 335. Bridge Road / Scratch Bar – The Scrotch. Smoke and banana flavours work well for this slow drinking beer.


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