366 Days Of Beer, Update December

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31 Dec 2012 by mikey

Day 336. Moon Dog – Black Lung II. Lots of smoke a whisky flavour that works well with the malt.

Day 337. Kooinda – Milk Porter. Good nut and chocolate hints work well with the lasting malt body.

Day 338. Mornington – Imperial Stout. Bloody good beer. Chocolate, coffee, toffee and dark malt flavour all in one. Win.

Day 339. Prickly Moses – Tailpipe Big Ass Brown Ale. Good easy to drink brown beer. A little dry.

Day 340. Moon Dog / Yeastie Boys – Peter Piper’s Pickled Pepper Purple Peated Pale Ale. Sort of like a saison fruity thing. I don’t like.

Day 341. Jamieson – Beast IPA. Great IPA with a nice balance between bitter and flavour hops.

Day 342. Moo Brew – Hefeweizen. Typical Australian wheat beer. Not my liking.

Day 343. Holgate – Hopinator Double IPA. Big IPA with lots of malt and lasting body.

Day 344. 3 Ravens – Bitter Sweet Double Indian Pale Ale. Masive IPA with huge bitter and fruit hops then a dry finish. Hides the alcohol very well.

Day 345. Kooinda – English Red Ale. Malt driven with slight smoke and caramal flavour.

Day 346. HopDog BeerWorks – Redhopulous. Mix style beer. Sort of like a black IPA without the dry end.

Day 347. HopDog BeerWorks – HepaRyezen. Sour beer meets bitter beer for a strange marraige.

Day 348. Red Duck – Bumble Bee. Soft sour and yeast with a bit of sweet flavour.

Day 349. Mountain Goat – Bubble & Squeak #3 Summer Stout. More like a porter. Easy to drink and a bit in the finish.

Day 350. Illawarra – Rust Amber Ale. Quite nice amber with a slight tart taste to it.

Day 351. Holgate – Empress. Really good and drinkable chocolate porter.

Day 352. Little Creatures – Puffing Billy. Balanced dark bock with a bit of smoke.

Day 353. Hawthorn – Premium Pale Ale. Tasty pale with a fiar amount of fruit.

Day 354. Cavalier – Courage. Not a lot of flavour by very easy to drink and enjoy.

Day 355. Thunder Road – 2013 Festive Ale. Bitter pale ale that slighly misses the mark.

Day 356. Nail Ale – Australian Pale Ale. Hop bitterness, good flavour, good body, good beer.

Day 357. Goodieson Brewery – Pilsner. A good amount of flavour for a pils and enjoyable.

Day 358. Northdown / Beer Here – Cool Hops Australian Lager. Great lager with hop fruit and malt sweetness.

Day 359. Endeavour – 2012 Growlers Ale. Plenty of hop flavours and clean but finish is a bit off.

Day 360. La Sirene – Saison Noel. Darker and less sour than a normal saison with nice round finish.

Day 361. Red Hill – Christmas Ale. Spicy malt driven dark ale with a bit of a bite.

Day 362. Jamieson – Brown Ale. Fairly light for a brown ale but easy to down.

Day 363. Stone & Wood – Garden Ale. Lots of floral flavours and spice. Great for a mid strenght.

Day 364. Red Duck – Red Admiral Celtic Red Ale. Great red ale with dark fruit flavours a bit of sweetness.

Day 365. Prickly Moses – Vintage Ale 2012. Huge amount of sweetness from the wine barrels and very rounded finish. Quite a complex beer.

Day 366. Murray’s – Anniversary Ale 2010. Rich bold barley wine beer. The age has hidden the alcohol and make this very easy to enjoy the sweetness.


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