Jordan 2014, Summary


27 Apr 2014 by mikey

To be blunt, I wasn’t expecting much for beer in Jordan. Given the Islam culture I wasn’t expecting much alcohol, quantity or quality. Maybe there would be some foreign beers, probably brewed locally. Maybe some basic lager beers that were truly local. I was both right and wrong.

There is one company that practically owns beer in Jordan. That company is General Investment Company. They brew Amstel, tick for foreign beer brewed in Jordan. They brew Maxi Beer (didn’t see any), Petra Beer and Philadelphia Beer; tick for local basic lager. They even produce Vita, a non-alcoholic beer, as well as soft drinks.

Then out of nowhere there was a light. On the first night out for dinner I discovered craft beer. A small family owned company called Carakale. I was able to try two of their beers. Have to say it was a fair bit better than expected, but some work required. The fact that they make a Mocha Porter was very impressive.

Jordan was a great country to visit. The beer range wasn’t bad. Most beers are made by one company, and taste pretty much the same. If you’re in the capital, Amman, you should be able to find some Carakale beer. Do yourself a favour, find some and try some.


One thought on “Jordan 2014, Summary

  1. suzebond says:

    I agree. The Carakale range was much better than I expected.

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