366 Days Of Beer, Update March

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31 Mar 2012 by mikey

Day 61. Prickly Moses – Wheat Beer. Like their pilsner, good but nothing special.

Day 62. 2 Brothers – Grizz. Really good malt driven beer. Well balanced and great taste.

Day 63. Prickly Moses – Summer Ale. Easy drinking, not much else.

Day 64. Prickly Moses – Oktoberfest Lager. Larger with slight orange flavour.

Day 65. Prickly Moses – Red Ale. Pretty good beer.

Day 66. Prickly Moses – Otway Light. Not much flavour.

Day 67. Mash – Charlie’s Brown. Dark and tasty but a bit too much hops on the end.

Day 68. Bridge Road – Oktoberfest Marzen. Tastes like honeycomb.

Day 69. Mountain Goat – The Craig. Pretty good red ale, after it settles.

Day 70. Grand Ridge – Vienna Rye. Smooth, tasty, just simply a great beer.

Day 71. Grand Ridge – Mirboo Madness. Big American red ale with a real good mix of malt and hops.

Day 72. Grand Ridge – Yarra Valley Gold. Bloody good beer. Really well balanced. Go get one, or six.

Day 73. Grand Ridge – Gippsland Gold. Not great, not bad. Good as a session beer.

Day 74. Grand Ridge – Brewers Pilsner. Probably the weakest beer in their range. Lager that reminds you of VB, but better than a VB.

Day 75. Sightings – American Pale Ale. Another ‘beer from a winery’. Not bad, but they’ll need something better if they want to expand.

Day 76. Mornington – Saison. So very sour. If you can deal with that, there’s a refreshing beer to be had.

Day 77. Grand Ridge – Natural Blonde. Well balanced wheat beer. One that even I enjoyed.

Day 78. Thunder Road – Shamrock Dark Lager. Want a lager but want a lot of malt too? This is the beer for you.

Day 79. Moon Dog – Melon Gibson. Wheat beer with watermelon. Actually a nice beer.

Day 80. 3 Ravens – USB. Loved this beer. Lots of malt with hints of caramel.

Day 81. Temple – Midnight IPA. Black and fair amounts of smoke. Very bitter beer.

Day 82. Grand Ridge – Hatlifter Stout. Bit of coffee flavour. Quite ‘clean’ for a stout. Would be a good ‘introduction’ stout.

Day 83. AB – Smoked IPA. Smoky, but soft flavours. Not a great one.

Day 84. Hargreaves Hill – Abbey Dubbel. A very smooth red ale beer with a little sweetness.

Day 85. Hargreaves Hill – Russian Imperial Stout. Big heavy flavour beer. Lots of great things going on. Only downside, you can taste the high alcohol.

Day 86. Moo Brew – Harvest Ale. Amazing hop beer. Not huge amounts of hops, but fresh hops. Just great.

Day 87. Grand Ridge – Almighty Light. Good flavours for a light. But flavour just fades away.

Day 88. Mountain Goat – Saison. Possibly the best Saison I’ve every had. (Would need to go back to the Prickly Moese to compaire).

Day 89. Mornington – White IPA. Like drinking a grapefruit. Good if you like that, otherwise not nice.

Day 90. 3 Ravens – Brock The Ravenator. Really good malt driven dark lager. Just great.

Day 91. 3 Ravens – Ale Noir. Smoky beer brewed in wine barrels. Tasty.


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