366 Days Of Beer, Update July

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31 Jul 2012 by mikey

Day 183. Last Drop – Dunkelweizen. Dark wheat with a bit of body.

Day 184. St Peters – Spruced Up Ale. Was never going to be good. But has got better with age.

Day 185. Mildura Brewery – Mallee Bull Strong Ale. Okay ale with a good kick to it.

Day 186. Mildura Brewery – Honey Wheat. Not great, but slight sweet.

Day 187. Sweetwater – Golden Bitter. Like an average bitter with honey.

Day 188. 2 Brothers – Bloody Oak. Like liquid barley sugar with a big alcohol kick.

Day 189. 4 Pines – Hefeweizen. Slight banana flavour to this average wheat.

Day 190. Temple & Weihenstephan – Unifikator. Great weizenbock. Banana and brandy with bits of spice.

Day 191. Cavalier – Double IPA. Really good IPA with smoke, malt and fruit flavours.

Day 192. Black Heart – American Brown Ale. Malt and caramel, but a rough finish.

Day 193. 4 Pines – Czech Pilsner. Lots of hop and quite refreshing.

Day 194. Old Salt – Sea Breeze Refreshing Ale. Big fruit and very refreshing. A quality beer.

Day 195. Moo Brew – Stout 2011. Dark big malt and richness. But let down by a big gritty body.

Day 196. Moo Brew – Stout 2012. Very sweet and chocolate flavour. Clean, but missing a bit of body.

Day 197. Black Heart – English Pale Ale. Good pale ale.

Day 198. Black Heart – Weizen. Lots going on, but not a good wheat beer.

Day 199. Mildura Brewery – Storm Pale Ale. Really impressive Pale Ale.

Day 200. Mountain Goat – Seedy Goat Coffee IPA with Galley Hop Flowers. Lots of bitterness, not much coffee flavour.

Day 201. Mornington – Imperial IPA. Big flavours overpowered by ‘burnt’ alcohol flavour.

Day 202. Mountain Goat – Top Paddock. Red Saison that swaps flavour from spice to sour, then back and forth.

Day 203. Bellarine – The Heads Ale. Slight banana flavour, okay overall.

Day 204. Coopers – Thomas Cooper’s Selection Celebration Ale. Lots of flavours in this, but not balanced enough to enjoy.

Day 205. Mildura – Stefano’s Pilsner. Nice simple flavour. Could be great for a session beer.

Day 206. John Boston – Premium Lager. Pretty basic lager.

Day 207. Mountain Goat – Hip Hip Hooray IPA. LOTS of bitterness to this. Heaps of hops here.

Day 208. Bellarine – Bellarine Bitter. Not good at all. Might of got a bad/off one.

Day 209. McLaren Vale – India Pale Ale. Quite nice and well balanced.

Day 210. Endeavour 2011 – Reserve Amber Ale. Good malts but way to much bubbles.

Day 211. Bellarine – Mussel Stout. Burnt and no body. Not great.

Day 212. Wicked Elf – Pale Ale. Lots of fruit and malt. Good non-bitter pale ale.

Day 213. Temple – Extra Special Bitter. A lot to love about this beer. Get yourself one.


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