366 Days Of Beer, Update October

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31 Oct 2012 by mikey

Day 275. Red Duck – The Bear Wild Dark Honey Braggot. Big flavour and a fair amount of spice to help with the sweet mead side of the beer.

Day 276. Bowral Brewing – Pigs Fly Pilsner. Sort of good flavour let down by a bad finish.

Day 277. Temple – Smoked Weizen. Okay sort of smoke beer, if you like wheat.

Day 278. Red Duck – Smells Like A Pony Buckwheat Braggot. Huge amount going on here, sweet, rich wheat, and a bit of burn.

Day 279. Thunder Road – God’s Lager. Quite okay for a lager, but not a pils.

Day 280. Red Duck – Ugly Duckling Braggot. Extreme sweetness and lots of alcohol makes this a bit tough to get though.

Day 281. Red Duck / Kissmeyer Beers – Gnaume Belgian Lambic Golden Ale. Like a big spicy sasion, but it’s not. Creamy and tart flavour.

Day 282. Red Duck / Kissmeyer Beers -Hop Bach Symphony #1 Double IPA. Lots of hop flavour without the big bitterness. Malt backing makes this very good.

Day 283. Red Duck / Kissmeyer Beers – Rebellion Strong Pale Ale. Huge pale ale with a kick. Pity the flavour doesn’t stick around.

Day 284. Red Duck / Beer Here – Ragnarok “The End of The World”. Quad Belgian ale with a bit of chilli. Too much going on to really enjoy.

Day 285. Red Duck – Gruiter 15th Century Dark Sour Ale. Sour. Like a sour candy that’s been turned into liquid, and then more sour.

Day 286. Red Duck – RA #2 Imperial Egyptian Bread Beer. Another sour beer but with a hint of citrus to make it a bit easier to drink.

Day 287. Broo – Premium Lager. Basic and only slightly better than the mass produced stuff.

Day 288. True South – Bock. Easy to drink with flavour that lasts, just not much of it.

Day 289. Red Duck – Long Shot Chocolate Coffee Porter. Very good flavours but it fade a bit too quick.

Day 290. Little Brewing – Mad Abbot Dubbel. Good dark flavours with lots of subtle flavours.

Day 291. Little Brewing – Mad Abbot Tripel. Plenty of kick and a bit too many different flavours.

Day 292. Little Creatures – Pale Ale. Easy to drink and enjoyable pale, but not the best after taste.

Day 293. Little Creatures – Bright Ale. Soft and smooth flavours that makes this THE drink to have in summer when you don’t want a lager.

Day 294. Little Creatures – Original Pilsner. Clean style with straw/grass hints. Quite good.

Day 295. Arvo – Brew 34. Easy to drink, not much flavour, very slight creamy finish.

Day 296. Arvo – Brew 51. A beer that you can skull and not much else.

Day 297. James Squire – Stow Away IPA. Very basic IPA with bad chemical tastes.

Day 298. Little Creatures – Day of the Long Shadow. Great dark spiced ale that gets better once warmed a little.

Day 299. Bridge Road Brewers -Saison Noir. A dark saison that has a lot of good flavours. Very complex.

Day 300. Mountain Goat – Triple Hightail. Big sweet flavours and ending bitterness. Enjoyable.

Day 301. La Sirene – Saison. Very soft and slight sour saison.

Day 302. Hargreaves Hill – Yarra Valley Pilsner. Clean and easy to drink with a bit of straw flavour.

Day 303. La Sirene – Wild Saison. The best saison I’ve ever had. Lots of fruit, soft, refreshing and balanced exceptionally well.

Day 304. Bone Yard – Golden Ale. Very hoppy and bitter for a golden ale.

Day 305. 3 Ravens – Double Ale Noir. An extremely complex beer. Lots of good subtle flavours coming in and out which changes as the beer warms.


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