366 Days Of Beer, Final Summary

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31 Dec 2012 by mikey

Wow, what a year. Such a range of beers and most of them were good. I get asked a lot of questions about the challenge. Number one question is ‘what was your favourite?’ I’ll leave that to the end. First, I’ll answer some other questions.

Was it fun? Yes. It was a blast. But I don’t think I’ll do this again.

Was it tough? Not really. I was only slightly sick on a couple days. Others had problems.

Was it expensive? Sort of. Some of the beers in 750ml bottles were $30+ each.

Was it educational? Yes. I know that I really don’t like wheat beers. I normally don’t like Saisons. And I’m not a fan of a lot of sour beers.

What next? Well, I’m not doing this again. 2013 will be the adventure of home brewing. You can see what I’m up to with my mate Chas at We Make Home Brew. For this site I’ll keep updating with the other beer tasting adventures.

In 2012 we went to Singapore. It just happened to be the very first Singapore Craft Beer Week. I had no idea it was on until we got there and it was a blast. There’s a category for all those beers.

In 2013 there was the Ballarat Beer Festival. Next was our trip to Africa. So, there’s a category for those. And Melbourne’s own Good Beer Week 2013 has a whole heap of beers under that category.

And finally, to answer that first question “what’s my favourite from the challenge?”…

I’ve been thinking about best beer for the year and things like that. It really is too hard. So I’ve listed my top ten. If you ever want to buy me a beer any of these will make me very happy.

  1. Red Duck – Golden Dragon
  2. Feral – Hop Hog
  3. Southern Bay – Coffee Head (Coffee infused Metalhead Robust Porter)
  4. 3 Ravens – Prussian Porter
  5. Red Hill – Hop Harvest Ale
  • La Sirene – Wild Saison
  • Mornington – Imperial Stout
  • Hargreaves Hill – C-4
  • Bridge Road – Bling IPA
  • Mountain Goat – Gypsy & The Goat

I’ve re-done this list about seven or eight times now. The top 5 are in order but I just couldn’t rank the rest. I’ll probably change my mind again!


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